How Well Do You Know Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Know Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1

Test your knowledge of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 with this engaging trivia quiz! Challenge yourself and see how well you really know the iconic first season of this beloved TV series. Are you a true Buffy fan? Find out now by taking this fun and entertaining quiz!

  1. 1 What did Buffy burn down at her previous school?

    1. Cafeteria
    2. Library
    3. Classroom
    4. Gym
    5. Auditorium

    Buffy burned down her previous school's gym because it was infested with vampires.

  2. 2 What does Angel warn Buffy about while giving her a silver cross necklace?

    1. A flood
    2. A tornado
    3. An earthquake
    4. The Harvest
    5. A volcanic eruption

    Angel warns Buffy about the upcoming Harvest while giving her the silver cross necklace.

  3. 3 What saves Buffy from being finished off by Luke in the stone coffin?

    1. Garlic
    2. Holy water
    3. A wooden stake
    4. A silver cross
    5. Sunlight

    The silver cross given to Buffy by the mysterious stranger repels Luke when he tries to finish her off in the stone coffin.

  4. 4 What unusual event occurs during the cheerleading trials involving a girl named Amber?

    1. She disappears mysteriously
    2. Her hands spontaneously combust
    3. She levitates in the air
    4. She performs a perfect routine
    5. She faints suddenly

    During the cheerleading trials, Amber's hands spontaneously combust, causing a disturbance.

  5. 5 How does Buffy ultimately defeat the She-Mantis?

    1. Using bat sonar to weaken it
    2. Setting it on fire
    3. Distracting it with music
    4. Trapping it in a cage
    5. Calling the police for help

    Buffy weakens the She-Mantis using bat sonar, then proceeds to slay it, ultimately defeating the creature.

  6. 6 How does Buffy ultimately defeat Borba, the suspected murderer who rises as a vampire?

    1. Staking him through the heart
    2. Locking him in a cage
    3. Burning him alive in a furnace
    4. Tricking him into sunlight
    5. Drowning him in holy water

    Buffy defeats Borba by sliding him into a furnace while still undead, ultimately destroying him.

  7. 7 What weapon does Buffy initially train with at the library?

    1. Crossbow
    2. Dagger
    3. Quarterstaff
    4. Sword
    5. Stake

    Buffy initially trains with the quarterstaff at the library before progressing to crossbow training.

  8. 8 What is the name of the demon trapped in the book?

    1. Moloch
    2. Malcolm
    3. Fritz
    4. Malefiz
    5. Dammo

    Moloch is the demon trapped in the book by the sacred Circle of Kayless to prevent him from walking the world.

  9. 9 How do the Scoobies ultimately stop the nightmares and restore normalcy?

    1. By defeating the Master
    2. By destroying Billy's astral body
    3. By confronting the Little League coach
    4. By waking Billy up from his coma
    5. By banishing the ugly man to another dimension

    The Scoobies stop the nightmares by waking Billy up from his coma, which ends the supernatural influence causing the nightmares to manifest.

  10. 10 How does Buffy manage to defeat Marcie in the climax?

    1. She uses a mystical incantation
    2. She finds her hidden lair and destroys it
    3. She convinces Marcie to give up her revenge
    4. She utilizes her enhanced Slayer senses to locate her
    5. She kicks Marcie into a curtain, knocking her out

    Buffy uses her physical prowess to kick Marcie into a curtain, incapacitating her and putting an end to her threat.

  11. 11 How does Buffy ultimately defeat the Master?

    1. By trapping him in a mystical prison
    2. By impaling him on a jutting piece of wood
    3. By using a powerful spell to banish him
    4. By convincing him to surrender peacefully
    5. By outmaneuvering him in a physical battle

    Buffy throws the Master into the library, where he is impaled on a piece of wood, causing his soft tissues to disintegrate and leaving only his skeleton behind.

  12. 12 What significant realization does Giles have about the location of the Hellmouth?

    1. It is directly underneath the Bronze
    2. It lies beneath the school library
    3. It extends throughout the entire town of Sunnydale
    4. It is linked to mystical ley lines across the world
    5. It is hidden within the sewers beneath Sunnydale

    Giles realizes that the Hellmouth is located directly beneath the school library, which explains the frequent supernatural occurrences in Sunnydale High.

How Well Do You Know Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1? Trivia Quiz

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