Hanoi Rocks Lyrics Quiz

Hanoi Rocks Lyrics Quiz

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Energy pushing in my blood,I could kill myself but I haven't got the guts,Oh no Well it's a Saturday night,I got nothin' to lose,

All that we have found The infrastructure's breaking down I see no saviour coming 'round The final days have come and gone

Our point is that you can suck the duck, Something new, I never knew, Something new, I never heard of

Wanna score some Heartattack Baby It'll knock you of your feet It'll kick out all your teeth

I've got some news for you baby, I think your time has come Hot, hot news for you honey, this time I won't let you run

You try to escape but there's nowhere to hide, so you turn on your tv screen It's black and white, politics all night - but who really pays the bill?

Times, they are harder than they were before It's time for you to close the door

my mission is a mystery, i'm recreating history i'm following the stars across the misty hills and the sea


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