Gary Moore Lyrics Quiz

Gary Moore Lyrics Quiz

Gary Moore Lyrics Test Answer Questions

Look at my son, he's no friend of mine Reach for my shades before I go blind

He's a Hunter with a Crosscut Saw Born Under A Bad Sign Caught his baby messin' down the Laundromat

When the leaves have turned to brown And winter's due As I watch the sun goes down I'll think of you

How sweet and kind a woman can be Oh, but when I looked in your eyes I knew true love had come to me Yeah

He hit the road and he's never looked back. Oh, no. And now they're playing all his records on the radio.

Hold on to your dreams, learn how to fly like angels. Hold on to your dreams, soaring above, wings of love.

Throw down your gun, you might shoot yourself. Or is that what you're tryin' to do?

Soon, I hope that I will find Thoughts deep within my mind That won't disgrace my kind.

I know you can hear The love beating in my heart. I know it ain't easy, But baby believe me,

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