Everly Brothers Quiz (Guess the Song From The Lyrics)

Everly Brothers Quiz (Guess the Song From The Lyrics)

I'm gonna lay my head On a lonesome railroad line And let that two-nineteen Pacify my mind

Somehow through the days I don't give in I hide the tears that wait within Oh but then through sleepless nights I cry again

The stern old conductor then started his round Taking tickets from everyone there And finally reaching the side of the boy

I'll ride the rock-o plane or the Tilt-a-Whirl It wasn't on these rides I lost my girl

Everybody's been a-talking Yes, the news travels fast They said the fire would stop burning That the flame couldn't last


Got me a date, I won't be late I pick her up in my eighty-eight Shack on down by the union hall

Well I'm a lucky man my baby treats me right She's gonna let me hug and kiss and hold her tight

I took my best girl dancing Down to my best friend's mansion He met us at the door, said, “Glad you're here”

I can't seem to take it I'm blue as I can be I'm blind to any other lovers charms I know I can't make it

Ground-hog, ground-hog, what makes your back so brown? I've been livin' in the ground all o' my life


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