Elvis Presley Or Beatles Who is the Greatest?

Elvis Presley Or Beatles Who is the Greatest

Los Angeles – The balance of forces was clearly on the side of the “King”, as it is on the 27. August came 50 years ago for the first (and only) Meeting of the Beatles with Elvis Presley. Both were world stars. For the Beatles, but a great desire came true: Elvis was her Idol.

For several years the Beatles had tried in vain to meet Elvis, but his Manager, Colonel Tom Parker kept stalling the Band and gave them instead, Elvis Souvenirs. At the time of their second US tour in 1965 had changed the times: The Beatles were the icons of the new youth, Elvis a Superstar, turned off on a conveyor belt and lots of Music movies is irrelevant. Then, they received the message, to Elvis in Hollywood to meet.


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  1. Silly quizz. Only for those who didn’t get the meaning of The Beatles. Elivis was a fabulous singer. I like him very much. But he was only that: a singer. He started a revolution, but the army sort of destroyed him. The Beatles meant much more culturally and as leaders of a whole generatiion. Even after the split. The vibration remain till today. And…they loved Elvis. Although he asked president Nixon to ban the Bealtes music in America. The Beatles were unique and their power around the world was four times as much than Elivis. This is reality, a true fact. Elvis didn’t repersent a change in behaviour and I think he didn’t want to do that. Why to compare? Really silly quizz.

      1. Rubbish ….the Beatles were and still are the greatest band of all time …the whole world knows that …apart from you

        1. Elvis was biggest; but The Beatles were greatest. You hardly ever hear Elvis music any more. Beatles music is being played, covered and used in portions even for hip-hop songs. remember, The Beatles only released albums from 1963-1970 — seven years that shaped the 40-plus since. Elvis was big for rock-n-roll; but The Beatles kicked it up a notch.

    1. F our times more powerful than Elvis? They sold an equal amount of records, worldwide, that is 600 million each. There are 1,234 bios of Elvis, the Beatles have not reached 1,000, there are 34 statues of Presley, worldwide, 120 markers, he has 5 personal excibits in as many Presidential Libraries, his image is in 129 Wax museums, is a memnber of 11 Hall of Fames, his home has been toured by 20 million, from 123 countrries, and they have paid half a billion in entrance fees alonem since 1982. Presley infuence on the economy of Memphis is to the tune of US$450 million per year, more than the city of Liverpools profits from Liverpool tourism related to the Beatles. The unvernished truth is that they are the only two acts of the second half of the 20th Century whose legqcies will go on for centuries. Ah, and to your assertion that he was only a sin ger,m please go to the MIT launched Pantheon prpgram, which maps cultural historical procuction, another namer for cvelebrity, fame, wotrldwide, TODAY. Check this out. http://pantheon.media.mit.edu/rankings/people/all/ARTS/-4000/2010/H15

    2. Elvis never asked Nixon to ban the Beatles music in America.
      Elvis was not just a singer, he was a good musician, playing guitar and piano. Johnny Cash said Elvis was a great rhythm guitarist, but of course his main instrument was his magnificent voice, which covered blues, soul, gospel, country, rock and other genres, even semi-opera. Elvis also arranged his own recordings, while the Beatles were very lucky to have a musician like George Martin to do so. Elvis had nobody. Elvis’ stage presence and charisma was arguably better than the Beatles, who tended to be rather static.
      As for who meant more culturally, surely this belongs to Elvis. The proof is that the Beatles started off as an Elvis cover group. Elvis influenced them and everybody else. He started the cultural revolution which led to the Beatles, Dylan, Bowie, and everybody else.
      “Elvis is the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century. He introduced the beat to everything and he changed everything – music, language, clothes, it’s a whole new social revolution – the 60’s comes from it. Because of him a man like me barely knows his musical grammar anymore.”
      Leonard Bernstein

      1. The Beatles didn’t start off as an Elvis cover band; they were a cover band in general — Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Larry Williams — they covered all the ’50s greats.

    3. Not so silly, Elvis changed everything, I was there in 1956 when black & White became coloured, he was the talk of everyone from the young, who could not get enough of him, to the old who couldn’t understand what’s was going on. The difference with Elvis was that we all felt we were a part of him, that was never true with The Beatles, they just happen to be 4 people, 2 who we’re talented (John & Paul) and 2 others who could have beeen anyone. ELVIS had to pioneer the opportunity for a new trend, a revolution that was never to be repeated again and probably never will be. The Beatles had him to thank for the opportunity that would never have happened had it not been for The King. Like The Bestles though

      1. No way. People felt far more connection to the Beatles than to Elvis. Elvis was one man isolated from the masses because of his fame. There were four Beatles — so if you didn’t like one, you’d surely find another one of them you would like. Also, the Beatles’ music resonated with people in a way Elvis’s didn’t — partially because they were writing from their souls; Elvis sang whatever his people put in front of him.

    1. Rubbish. the Beatles emulated Elvis, he was their idol, they only came along afterElvis laid the foundations, no contest. always Elvis. Elvis was on his own, there were four of The Beatles, and they were far too cocky!! and thought they were better, but all the stars before them were better and laid the foundation. They were just lucky. Also Elvis was also leader of a generation, maybe not your generation, but a leader all the same. Every generation has their star. How many stars are celebrated every year as Elvis is from all over the world in Memphis Tennessee. The Beatles were not witty they were sarcastic!!

  2. Elvis had a great voice and his early hits were phenomenal but after he joined the army he was never the same. Of course, he influenced the young Beatles greatly but in his later career he became a sad parody of himself and his films were rubbish. His links to Nixon were troubling too and let’s face it, his late career reflected a troubled man in very poor health. Sad. The Beatles were cool,witty and great songwriters whose cultural influence was and IS massive. They outsold Elvis, (even in America). Elvis was great. The Beatles were phenomenal.


  4. This is not even close it’s Elvis hands down I mean the man has been dead almost 40 years and he’s still one of the richest dead entertainers not to mention the fans that flock to Graceland every year. You don’t see this happening for John Lennon Or George Harrison I mean Elvis started it all had it not of been for him there would not have even been a group called The Beatles John Lennon said that himself.

    1. Actually you do see this for John and George. They are annually among the highest-grossing musical icons who have died; but because so much of that is due to sales of Beatles records, the numbers are split among the band members, so individually, John may not have as high an “income” as Elvis because Elvis isn’t splitting the money with band members.

  5. They cannot be compared. Elvis was a solo singer with a huge impact on the fifties, a major force in the sixties, a great entertainer in the seventies and his music continues to live on. The Beatles were a major cultural and musical power in the sixties and their impact still resonates. No need to compare them, both were giants in their own field.

  6. Elvis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Chuck Berry and maybe the Everly Brothers started it in the late 50’s, but when The Beatles came along and hit the scene in Feb. 1964, all the others and their music took a back seat for quite a few years. The Beatles songs never age even 50+ years later. Ticket To Ride, And I love Her, This Boy, Hard Day’s Night, Yesterday amoung others seem as fresh today as they did when they were new songs. The Beatles wrote their own songs…ELVIS DIDNT. Sure Buddy Holly was very good at what he did along with the others, but as said, The Beatles took what they started and improved it from there, which led the way for all the other British Bands, which in turn, started The Byrds and other 60’s Inconic Bands. If it werent for The Beatles, we would still be listening to The Johnny Mann Singers, Peter, Paul and Mary, or The New Christy Minstrels. So say what you will, but thank GOODNESS The Beatles came along. Can you imagine how BORING music would be today or would have been back then if they hadnt come along?

  7. Elvis was fantastic but in reality he was just a mouthpiece. He had great entertainment skills….but How Many songs did he write ?? How many instruments did he play on his albums?? Other than his early rock and roll and his 1970’s “King Look” ….there is nothing there to match The Beatles as 1. Musicians 2. composers and in the middle of all that they toured much more than elvis and had more hits in a span of 6 years !!! ’63 to ’69 than Elvis had the same amount of hits in a 24 YEAR CAREER….. So other than his singing and dancing…. It’s NO MATCH. Elvis was HUGE but The Beatles were THE GREATEST.


  9. Is there any doubt? Elvis is absolutely the best. This year is 40 years since his death,and he is still visited by more fans everyday than the beatles ever had.He was,us and always will be the king.

  10. For me Elvis was the greatest!! If there was no Elvis, there may have never been a Beatles or many other artist. For me the Beatles were a good band if you really look listen they were not great singers, the beat singer in the band was George Harrison. Elvis greatest gift was his voice The problem he in life he was spoiled not many would say no to him. And the fact that his manager was a scam artist and cared nothing about Elvis’s health as long as he made him money.