Ed Sheeran Lyrics Quiz With 10 Questions

Welcome to the Ed Sheeran Lyrics Quiz! Ed Sheeran is known for his heartfelt and relatable lyrics that have touched millions of hearts around the world. How well do you know his songs? Test your knowledge with these 10 questions that will challenge you to complete lyrics from some of Ed Sheeran’s most popular tracks. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just starting to appreciate his music, this quiz will put your lyrical memory to the test. Let’s see if you can score a perfect 10! Good luck!

Ed Sheeran Lyrics Quiz

Running around and crashing down In you I trust nevermore Leaving you in sand and glass

Black suit black tie standing in the rain And now my family is one again Stapled together with the strangers and a friend

We’re just friends tangled up in loose ends I feel it coming around again Let me know where you let your heart go And I will just pretend

So I can still invent the lines and stay close to the friends of mine "'Cause real will recognise real" is what my father says And I'll be sticking to this phrase until I pass away

Close your eyes before the sleep And you're miles away And yesterday you were here with me


And I'll hold you tightly I'll tell you nothing but truth If you're not inside me I'll put my future in you

They could even match you in talent - ignore that! Gary Dunne and Newton Faulkner ain’t wrong He’s got me singing to ‘Amerikan Folk Song’

To hold your body close Take another step into the no-man's land For the longest time lady

What ever happened to the youth and culture? Wear chains and the same fecking Lonsdale jumper So you don’t care

It's taken you a long time to see You've got a goldfish memory This song's for you, not for me In misery

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