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Donna Summer Lyrics

You must never let them go You just hold them tight with all your might

From the bottom to the top Why he had me feeling fine Then I took a long long drop When he walked out of my life

Something inside seems to be dying Most of the time I just feel like crying

It's not that I go out looking for him But somehow he always seems to find me

I give love's guarantee I will turn you on Right or wrong


There's the sun there's the rain Those in love those in pain

He laid out his hand like a winning man With a smile so deep, she put him into a sleep

Now don't you ask yourself who they are Like everybody else, they wanna be a star

I'm in love with him Guess I've always been He doesn't know he's all I'm living for

Windows open, closing, in a way that they just never used to Oh there's violence lurking in the alleys


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