Can you name these facts about Ragnar Lothbrok? QUIZ

Can you name these facts about Ragnar Lothbrok? QUIZ

30 Questions About Ragnar Lothbrok – Vikings

The Hervarar adventure tells that when Valdar passed on, his child Randver turned into the lord of Sweden, while Harald Wartooth turned into the ruler of Denmark. At that point Harald vanquished the majority of his granddad Ivar Vidfamne’s domain. After Randver’s passing, his child Sigurd Hring turned into the ruler of Sweden, probably as the subking of Harald. Sigurd Hring and Harald battled the Battle of the Brávellir (Bråvalla) on the fields of Östergötland, where Harald and a large number of his men kicked the bucket. Sigurd ruled Sweden and Denmark from around 770 until his demise in around 804. He was prevailing by his child Ragnar Lodbrok. Harald Wartooth’s child Eysteinn Beli ruled Sweden as Ragnar’s emissary until the point when he was murdered by the children of Ragnar.

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  1. This is more of a spelling test…….knew all the answers but only knew how to spell 4 or 5 of them so thats all i got right