Can You Name The Tedeschi Trucks Band Songs From Lyrics

Can You Name The Tedeschi Trucks Band Songs From Lyrics

Another day, a fear of sorrow There's nothing to lose There's always tomorrow But with you standing here

You can sing about it Sing it in a prayer You can scream about it Hands up in the air

Oh and underneath my shadow There's so much that lies in store Simple things Make it all worth living

Oh I thought we’ve passed all the lies They would cover our eyes with darkened mirrors And paint our skin with colored dyes

I went down to the river And I took a look around There were old man's shoes There were needles on the ground


Thought I was bound to get away Now I'm just bound I don't mind when the hurricane Comes around

Well, you might have seen me out on the country But you lost me at the crossroad sign

No place to turn to No place left to hide Build me a sea wall Wait it out inside

Tell your story Roll the truth around your head Bound for glory I ain't getting out of this bed

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