Can You Guess 9 Yes Songs From The Lyrics?

Can You Guess 9 Yes Songs From The Lyrics?

I once knew a sweet young dream, That if life itself were all we had And who are we to ask for more;

The sunshine in mountains sometimes lost the river can disregard the cost

To travel on in old accustomed ways I still remember the talks by the water The proud sons and daughter That knew the knowledge of the land

Celestial travelers have always been here with us Set in the homes of the Universe we have yet to go

With the wings of flight They will make it thru' Through the eyes of child and the test of song

Shattering the dreams Blood flows in the desert Dark citadels burning too Watch! Look over your shoulder

Send me this song that will teach me Like a river without a stream Night time without dreaming

As long as we see there's only us, who can change it; Only us to rearrange it at the start of a new kind of day.

Time like gold dust brings mind down To levels hidden underground Say a few words to the wind

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