Can You Guess 9 Waylon Jennings Songs From The Lyrics?

Can You Guess 9 Waylon Jennings Songs From The Lyrics?

You and I have a perfect understanding You come and you go as you please And I never get too angry or demanding It's hard to get mad on your knees.

John's got a woman he calls her his queen He buys her them city made clothes And she's 'bout the sweetest that I've ever seen There is someting that John never knows.

But I'm such a bitter soul Who's mem'ries keep standing in her way I'm so lonely with my memories

I know I love you as much as I ever could love anyone Yet I'm still gone I come back and I vow to settle down Now then I'm gone with the dawn.

The weeks have gone by not a word have I heard since then I read in the papers of far away places she's been

If you find it hard sleeping If you just lie there weeping If the truth hurts then the shoe fits just right.

Then a man with a cigar approached me And he put his face right to mine And declared a great star hit this cover

Oh darling, when you're near my world is happy, dear But when you disappear I don't know what to do

My heart to you no longer matters And I can't live alone with memories Into the fire those dreams that you've shattered And when the smoke is gone then I'll be free.


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