Can You Guess 10 The Smiths Songs From The Lyrics? Quiz

Put your knowledge of The Smiths to the test with our “Can You Guess 10 The Smiths Songs From The Lyrics?” quiz! Immerse yourself in the poetic and evocative world of Morrissey’s lyrics as you attempt to match the verses to their iconic songs. From the melancholic and introspective to the witty and sardonic, The Smiths’ discography is a treasure trove of emotions and social commentary. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual listener, this quiz will challenge your memory and lyrical comprehension. Unearth your inner “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” or “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” sentiment and see if you can correctly identify these timeless tracks that have left an indelible mark on music history.



Can You Guess 10 The Smiths Songs From The Lyrics?

I know the wind-swept mystical air It means: I'd like to see your underwear I recognise that mystical air It means: I'd like to seize your underwear

And if a double-decker bus Crashes in to us To die by your side Is such a heavenly way to die

The passing of time leaves empty lives Waiting to be filled (the passing...) The passing of time Leaves empty lives

Let me get my hands on your mammary glands and let me get your head on the conjugal bed

Others conquered love - but I ran I sat in my room and I drew up a plan


I forced you into a zone And you were clearly Never meant to go Hair brushed and parted

Is it wrong not to always be glad? No, it's not wrong - but I must add How can someone so young

"How come someone hasn't noticed that I'm dead and decided to bury me God knows, I'm ready"

Do you know how animals die? Kitchen aromas aren't very homely It's not "comforting", "cheery" or "kind"

In my life Why do I give valuable time To people who don't care if I live or die



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