Can You Guess 10 Steve Perry Songs From The Lyrics? Quiz

Can You Guess 10 Steve Perry Songs From The Lyrics?

If I could walk through that door Leave behind these broken memories Trapped inside this empty room

I'm playing a game I can't win Love's knocking on the door Of my heart once more

What you wanted I gave it to you In every way that you wanted to, oh Don't make a move

The fire's still there My heart is still scared To fall again It's a little too late because

Their souls been sold (for the love) All for the love Some are lost (Some are lost) Lost and alone


Our love was tender then Love was an open door No time to wonder

Believe I want you, I'd like to More than I show But I belong to somebody else, baby, please

I'm caught between your rhyme and reason Why you're here with me Hold me now

When I think about you I still get weak I get weary and I can't sleep

Nothing stood between us A fire burned within Oh how I remember Wounded, but alive


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