Can You Guess 10 Reba McEntire Songs From The Lyrics?

Can You Guess 10 Reba McEntire Songs From The Lyrics?

Each lonely night I go to bed I hug the pillow Where you used to lay your head

This morning I reached out to touch you A habit I've held for so long But I just started hurting all over again

Oh these arms You can wrap around me gently And your fingers You can run them through my hair

The moment he touched me with his gentle hands Your memory crumbled like a house built on sand He swept all the pieces of your love away

You took the laughter from this world of mine And thanks to you the sun will never shine I walk the floor so much I wore out my shoes

Cause last night you made his memory fade a little You helped me see how love can still be right I wish you didn't have to leave

So don't call me again in the morning Cause I won't be changing my mind And the phone will be ringing in my empty room

Oh you say you need a little room for breathing Somehow I guess you know I'd understand And though you're hurting me

Every man watched her as she swayed on by The way she was looking every woman could cry Then I saw her sit down with a lawyer

Well this time ain't no different The sun's up in the sky Sitting on the back porch Clouds are rolling by


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