Can You Guess 10 Luke Bryan Songs From The Lyrics?

Can You Guess 10 Luke Bryan Songs From The Lyrics?

Is this Georgia heat playin' tricks on me, Or am I really seein' what I think I see. The woman of my dreams comin' back to me, yeah.

Thats my beer can next to her beer can next to my work pants up there on dry land. We'll do a little what we want after one long week of doin what we should.

We thought tobacco and beer in a can Was all it would take to be like our old man But I saw how it made my momma cry

When the stars come out And the sun's long gone We're gonna drink up a lotta beer a little later on Gonna find a good spot

The people downtown are hustlin' around The weight of the world on their mind Me I'm sittin' in the shade soakin' up the day

Sometimes the greater plan Is kinda hard to understand Right now it don't make sense I can't make it all make sense

I got a scar on my cheek from a bar room brawl Wasn't meant for me but I took the fall It's a cowboy code it's an unwrote law

Don't nobody block my view Hell you can find a spot and watch too Watch how she makes this beach

I stood on this stage so many times And watched all my friends Have the time of your life There's something in this spring time air tonight

But I just can't make a sound You tell me that you need me Then you go and cut me down but wait You tell me that you're sorry


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