Can You Complete the Missing Words in Phil Collins Lyrics (Level -1)?

Can You Complete the Missing Words in Phil Collins Lyrics (Level -1)?

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You bring me ........, you make me smile You give me strength and all the while You ask for nothing, only love And my heart beats just for you

Come with me, close your eyes Hold my hand, it'll be alright Don't be scared, don't be ...... Lift your head it's gonna be alright

I need love, love ooh, ease my mind And I need to find ....... Someone to call mine;

No ........ hero or smooth Don Juan, Got empty pockets, you see I'm a poorman's son.

Why'd they have more money than you, ......... cars, expensive clothes, d'you ever think of what they do?


All of my life, there have been regrets That I didn't do all I could Making records upstairs, while he ................ I didn't spend the time I should

You see the dying, you feel the pain What have you got to say If we agree that we can disagree We could stop all of this ........

Give me the strength, so I can help you And I can be strong now, they don't ......... me

The memories are ....... now I don't recall at all there's nothing, there's nothing there just me and I don't understand why



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