Brad Pitt Quiz With 10 Questions

Welcome to the “Brad Pitt Quiz” featuring 10 intriguing questions that will test your knowledge about the iconic actor and Hollywood legend, Brad Pitt. From his breakthrough roles to his diverse filmography, Pitt has captured the hearts of audiences with his undeniable charm and talent. Whether you’ve followed his career from the beginning or admire his recent work, this quiz will challenge your understanding of his roles, awards, and lesser-known facts. Get ready to dive into the world of Brad Pitt’s cinematic journey and put your expertise to the ultimate test. Are you a true fan who can conquer all 10 questions and prove your Brad Pitt mastery? Let’s get started and uncover just how well you know this acclaimed actor!

Brad Pitt Trivia Quiz

Which of these films is Brad Pitt's favorite?

During the filming of which of these films Brad Pitt broke his arm?

How many movies did he make with David Fincher?

Where is Brad Pitt originally from?

From which country Brad Pitt has been banned?


How many Oscars did Brad Pitt won?

How many times Brad Pitt has been nominated as an actor at the Oscars?

Brad Pitt said "The set is heaven and he is God" for whom?

When was Brad Pitt born?

Which of these directors contacted personally to ask him to collaborate after seeing one of his films?

Can you name 12 Characters from Bojack Horseman?


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