Are You A Rock Genius?

Are You A Rock Genius

Are You A Rock Genius?

There is 15 Questions about Rock Bands , you must guess the band name from the lyrics

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Rock, a term that is fascinating, multifaceted and at the same time frustratingly vague. Some celebrate the Rock as a counter-culture, as a people, or a form of art, which is capable of the needs and values of an active, rebellious audience to Express, others describe him as a Manifestation of mass culture, as a meaningless Reflection of the malevolent machinations of a commercial plate industries, which incapacitate their interpreters and listeners. Others, again, understand and see the Rock not only as a musical movement but as a type of the world, as a way of life – a point of view of the flows also in the distinction between “authentic” and “commercial” Rock.

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