American Horror Story Trivia Quiz – 18 Questions

American Horror Story Trivia Quiz – 18 Questions

Where was the AHS story set?

How Kyle died?

What was the name of Lana's bestselling book?

What was episode 4 called of Hotel?

Who was Dandy's first victim?


How did Larry say he killed his wife and daughters?

plWho Payed the Countess on "American Horror Story: Hotel?"

Who kills the Nazi hunter Sam Goodman?

What colour were the cupcakes Stanley gave to Dot and Bette to eat?

How much did Dandy offer to buy the twins?

Anne Frank identifies Dr. Arden as a Nazi with the last name of:

What side of Larry’s body is disfigured?

What was the name of Adelaide’s favorite cartoon?

Who is the only male actor to have appeared in every season of AHS.

Who is the Supreme?

How did Twisty lose half his jaw?

Sister Mary Eunice installs this item in the common room at Briarcliff:

Kit hits his lawyer with this item in episode "Dark Cousin"?


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