American Folk Music Quiz – 3 (12 Questions)

American Folk Music Quiz – 3

Which folk trio hit chart success with "Walk Right In?"

This group started the Folk craze for Capitol Records back in the late 1950s with a song about love, murder and justice.

Bob Dylan supposedly wrote "Positively 4th Street," which opened with the lyrics, "You got a lotta' nerve to say you are my friend," about which folk singer?

Which noted folksinger sang "We Shall Overcome" at the Woodstock Festival?

John Denver was a member of Which folk group?


During Christmas of 1971 a Folk song titled "Brand New Key" was at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100. Which folk singer recorded the song?

She made a career of playing her rural family's musical heritage on the mountain dulcimer.

Bob Dylan has never had a Number One single on the US Billboard charts.

The appearance of this folk singer in Peekskill, New York caused a riot.

Where did the term Hootenanny originate?

Which folk trio recorded "The John Birch Society" and similar social commentary songs?

Who first recorded the "Banana Boat Song" in the 1950s?


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