Young Justice Season 4 Trivia Quiz

Young Justice Season 4 Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge of Young Justice Season 4 with this trivia quiz! Challenge yourself with questions about the latest season of the hit animated series and see how well you remember the plot, characters, and important moments. From new heroes to thrilling storylines, put your Young Justice expertise to the test and prove that you’re the ultimate fan. Play now and find out if you have what it takes to ace this Young Justice Season 4 trivia quiz!

  1. 1 Who are the three characters joining the Outsiders?

    1. Superboy, Terra, and Forager
    2. Superboy, Miss Martian, and Garfield
    3. Terra, Forager, and Miss Martian
    4. Superboy, Beast Boy, and Black Canary
    5. Terra, Superboy, and Black Lightning

    Superboy, Terra, and Forager are the ones joining the Outsiders.

  2. 2 Where are Conner and M'gann planning to hold their religious wedding ceremony?

    1. Earth
    2. Mars
    3. Happy Harbor
    4. Bio-Cavern
    5. Ma'aleca'andra

    They plan to hold their religious wedding ceremony on Ma'aleca'andra (Mars).

  3. 3 What task does Prince J'emm assign to Conner and Gar following the explosion?

    1. Guarding the Royal Palace
    2. Investigating the Zeta-Tube malfunction
    3. Assisting in the search for Martian Manhunter
    4. Finding evidence regarding the King's murder
    5. Providing protection for Queen J'arlia

    Prince J'emm assigns Conner and Gar the task of investigating the King's murder case.

  4. 4 Who is revealed to have plans involving a gene-bomb capable of killing specific Martian races?

    1. R'ess E'dda
    2. Desaad
    3. Prince J'emm J'axx
    4. Queen J'arlia J'axx
    5. Ma'alefa'ak

    Desaad is revealed to have plans involving a gene-bomb targeting specific Martian races.

  5. 5 What evidence did Conner find at the crime scene related to the Zeta-Tube explosion?

    1. Footprints of the culprit
    2. Psychic residue
    3. Burn marks
    4. DNA samples
    5. Audio recordings

    Conner found twin burn marks at the crime scene similar to those from the Zeta-Tube explosion.

  6. 6 What intervention does Saturn Girl make regarding Gar's mental struggles?

    1. Sends a telepathic distress call to Conner
    2. Confronts Gar physically
    3. Offers guidance to Conner and Gar
    4. Creates illusions to protect Gar
    5. Enters Gar's mind to offer assistance

    Saturn Girl enters Gar's mind to assist him with his mental struggles.

  7. 7 What incident caused Cassandra Savage to defect from the League of Shadows?

    1. Her betrayal of the League
    2. Vandal killing her sister
    3. A failed escape attempt
    4. Her encounter with Onyx Adams
    5. Being targeted by the League for sabotage

    Cassandra Savage defected from the League after Vandal killed her sister.

  8. 8 Which city-state's lack of representation infuriates King Sha'ark during the conference?

    1. Tritonis
    2. Nanauve
    3. Crastinus
    4. Neptunos
    5. Xebel

    King Sha'ark is infuriated by the lack of representation from Xebel at the conference.

  9. 9 In the episode "Ebb Tide," where does Clark Kent encounter two strangers who seek Superman's help?

    1. Bibbo's Diner in Metropolis
    2. Poseidonis conference hall
    3. The throne room of the Atlantean royal palace
    4. Wyynde and Kaldur's home
    5. Central City

    Clark Kent encounters two strangers seeking Superman's help at Bibbo's Diner in Metropolis.

  10. 10 What incident occurs while Kaldur's group is navigating the Undersea?

    1. Encounter with a giant crab monster
    2. Unexpected volcanic eruption
    3. A massive underwater earthquake
    4. Uncovering an ancient sunken city
    5. Sighting a legendary Leviathan

    While navigating the Undersea, Kaldur's group encounters a giant crab monster that threatens them.

  11. 11 Who reluctantly shares the details of their mission with Bart while working on the Bio-Ship's parts?

    1. Saturn Girl
    2. Chameleon Boy
    3. Lor-Zod
    4. Ma'alefa'ak
    5. Razer

    Chameleon Boy, along with Saturn Girl, reluctantly shares the details of their mission with Bart while working on the Bio-Ship's parts.

  12. 12 What mystical weapon does Lor mention was wielded in the 31st century by the Emerald Empress?

    1. Motherbox
    2. Eye of Ekron
    3. Cadmus programming
    4. Zeta-Tube
    5. Solar pod

    Lor mentions that the Eye of Ekron was a powerful mystic weapon wielded in the 31st century by the Emerald Empress.

  13. 13 What causes the Devourer to attack the squad while they are in the Phantom Zone?

    1. Zatanna's spell
    2. Kryptonians' arrival
    3. Rocket's force bubble
    4. Ma'alefa'ak's brain blast
    5. Forager's warp field

    The arrival of the Kryptonians causes the Devourer to attack the squad while they are in the Phantom Zone.

  14. 14 What method does Zatanna use to attempt to combat the Eye of Ekron?

    1. Psychic illusions
    2. Fire conjuring
    3. Water manipulation
    4. Magic spells
    5. Sonic blasts

    Zatanna uses magic spells to attempt to combat the Eye of Ekron.

  15. 15 How do the heroes ultimately defeat Ma'alefa'ak?

    1. Phasing him into the ground
    2. Mind control
    3. Expelling him into the Phantom Zone
    4. Physical combat
    5. Energy blasts

    The heroes ultimately defeat Ma'alefa'ak by expelling him into the Phantom Zone.

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