Can You Guess 10 Selena Gomez Songs From The Lyrics?

Can You Guess 10 Selena Gomez Songs From The Lyrics?

Don't be afraid, close your eyes Let me take you to places that you've never been tonight

I'm not spending any time, wasting tonight on you I know, I've heard it all So don't you try and change your mind Cause I won't be changing too, you know

The first time always falls so far Those healing wounds heal twice as hard But now what's mine is ours

Who says you're the only one that's hurtin'? Trust me, that's the price of beauty

The earth can pull you down with all its gravity And the measure of your worth is sometimes hard to see


Why is it so different when we wake up? Same lips, same kiss, but not the same touch

I know, I know, I know we can't pretend That we were never lovers in the end I try to tell myself this pain would...

You are the thunder and I am the lightning And I love the way you know who you are and to me it's exciting

More than words, this love is art Poetry in motion, put it right there Deeper than skin, crystal clear

What's outta place when you look the mirror? The truth is blurry but the lies are gettin' clearer


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